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BIOS Boot Specification v1.01

By Compaq / Intel / Pheonix. Written 01/11/1996. Entry added 12/27/2004.
Keywords: bios boot spec post ipl bcv
File: BIOS_Boot_Spec_v1.01.pdf

« The purpose of this specification is to describe a methodology by which the BIOS will identify all IPL (Initial Program Load) devices in the system, prioritize them in the order the user selects, and then sequentially go through each device and attempt to boot. »

El Torito Specification v1.00

By IBM / Pheonix. Written 01/27/1995. Entry added 12/27/2004.
Keywords: el torito spec boot bootable cdrom
File: El_Torito_Spec_v1.0.doc

« This specification defines how makers of CD-ROMs can package several "images" of floppy and hard disks on a single CD with the ability to catalog these images and to selectively boot from any single image. »

Multiboot Specification v0.7

By GNU GRUB team (originally by Bryan Ford and Erich Stefan Boleyn). Entry added 12/27/2004.
Keywords: multiboot spec boot grub multiboot_header multiboot_info
File: Multiboot_Spec_v0.7.html

Define a framework set up by boot loaders which provides services to operating systems. Among them: loading the kernel and modules anywhere in memory, enabling A20 gate, determining memory size... This is the spec the GNU GRUB implements.

The PC Booting Process

By Pierre Roudier (hey, it's me!). Written 11/10/2004. Entry added 01/02/2005.
Keywords: pc boot process bootloader bootsector mbr master boot record
File: PC_Booting_Process.html

Explains in details the booting process of a PC from the power up to the loading of an operating system.

Vnutz's Bootstrap Tutorial

By Matthew Vea. Written 07/31/2004. Entry added 04/13/2005.
Keywords: pc boot process bootloaders bootsector mbr master boot record
File: VnutZ_Bootstrap_Tutorial.html

A simple approach to PC booting. Perfect for beginers.

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