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BIOS Data Area Map

By BiosCentral.com. Entry added 06/19/2005.
Keywords: bios data area memory map
File: BIOS_Data_Area.html

The BIOS stores information about the system's configuration and status in a region of RAM called the BIOS Data Area (often refered to as BDA). This document gives the address and the meaning of the variables composing the BDA.

CMOS Memory Map

By BiosCentral.com. Entry added 06/19/2005.
Keywords: complementary metal oxide semi-conductor memory map
File: CMOS_Memory_Map.html

The CMOS is used to store the time of real time clock (RTC) as well as information about the computer's configuration when the latter is switched off.

Programmer's Technical Reference for MSDOS and the IBM PC

By Dave Williams. Written 01/12/92. Entry added 06/19/2005.
Keywords: microsoft disk operating system dos reference
File: dosref22.zip (0.2Mb)

« This book is a technical reference. It is NOT a tutorial. Hopefully, this book is what you'll reach for when you want find out what Peter Norton or the "official" references glossed over. The information here is valid for DOS 2.x through 5.x. »

Help PC (a PC Programming Reference)

By David Jurgens. Written 07/31/2004. Entry added 04/13/2005.
Keywords: pc dos ems programming reference
File: helppc21.zip (0.23Mb)
Note: the reader required to see these documents only runs under DOS.

« The help topics include BIOS interrupts, DOS interrupts, DOS functions, EMS and Mouse functions, BIOS and DOS data structures, diagnostic codes, DOS commands, 80x86 assembler instructions, Standard and vendor specific C functions and various hardware specifications. »

Ralf Brown's List of Interrupts

By Ralf Brown. Published 08/16/2000. Entry added 07/19/2005.
Keywords: pc interrupt
File: RalfBrown_Interrupts.zip (1.25Mb)

Shall I put a description, is far too famous ;-)

Ralf Brown's Memory Map and Registers List

By Ralf Brown. Published 08/16/2000. Entry added 07/19/2005.
Keywords: pc cmos msr model speficific register farcall memory under dos port smm system management mode
File: RalfBrown_Docs.zip (0.3Mb)

Maps of the RAM of a PC running DOS, of CMOS memory, of the IO ports used, of the Model Specific Registers (MSR) and of the memory under the System Management Mode.

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